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Éric Gonzalez chef

Chef Eric Gonzalez

Executive Chef, La Méditerranée Robuchon Doha

Eric Gonzalez's journey in the culinary world began at the Restaurant Ciel d'Azur at Nice Airport under Michel Bezard, His early exposure to high culinary standards was further solidified during his time as a Pastry Commis with Jacques Fourmont, Meilleur ouvrier of France.

Gonzalez's career took a significant leap at La Côte d'Or under Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, where he immersed himself in a three-star Michelin environment. His talent and dedication were evident during high-profile events, including a dinner for French President François Mitterrand and a gala dinner at the Louvre Pyramid in Paris.

Gonzalez then moved to Hôtel Gray d’Albion in Cannes, working under Jacques Chibois. Here, he expanded his expertise in various gastronomic specialties, contributing to the hotel's recognition in prestigious guides. His role at Cannes Film Festival's Gala Dinner showcased his ability to handle high-pressure, high-profile culinary events.

 In 1994, Gonzalez took the helm as Head Chef Restaurant Clairefontaine in Luxembourg City. His leadership and culinary prowess led to the achievement of his first Michelin Star in 1996. During this period, he was responsible for creating menus for heads of state and ministers of Europe, including a dinner for French President Jacques Chirac.

 Chef Gonzalez's transition to North America began at Maxim's in New York, where he earned three stars from The New York Times and was recognized as one of the "100 best chefs in New York." He then moved to Montreal, taking roles at prestigious hotels and restaurants like Hôtel Saint Paul, and Hôtel Saint James leading hotel of the world, earning multiple accolades and guide mentions.

Gonzalez's impact in the Canadian culinary scene was profound. At Auberge Saint-Gabriel in Montreal, he established the restaurant from the ground up, gaining international recognition. The joël Robuchon experience, his tenure at Société de Casino du Québec included the opening and leading L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon in Montreal for 5 years.

In 2020, he took over as Executive Chef at Stonehaven Le Manoir, achieving Relais & Châteaux status in 2021 and establishing the restaurant as a renowned culinary destination.

 Gonzalez's influence extends beyond the kitchen. He authored the book "AUDACE in the style of Éric Gonzalez" and has been a constant presence in the media, with numerous mentions in press, magazines, and television. His journey reflects a blend of innovation, leadership, and culinary excellence, marking him as a significant figure in the global gastronomic landscape. Now as the executive chef at La Méditerranée Robuchon Doha, his attention to detail, from the selection of the finest ingredients to the artful presentation of each dish, embodies his commitment to excellence and his passion for creating unforgettable dining experiences. Chef Gonzalez's vision and artistry have not only elevated the reputation of La Méditerranée Robuchon Doha but it will also inspire a new generation of chefs around the world.